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AWO Final Results



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Historical Point Standings



Grand Champion Winemaker

Ed Hughes, Member At Large


Grand Champion Cider Maker

John deLagran, Kawartha Krushers


Top 10 Winemakers

  1.      Ed Hughes              Member at Large                     1350     
  2. Bill Thornton           Member at Large                       998
  3. Brian Aziz               London Wine Pros                      922
  4. Jim Bradshaw         K-W Winemakers Guild               856
  5. Burton McClelland   Kawartha Krushers                     798
  6. Dan Stevenson       Niagara Vine to Wine Circle         750
  7. Clark Meredith        Niagara Vine to Wine Circle         732
  8. Patti Polfuss            The Cambridge Club                   660
  9. Greg Zepf               K-W Winemakers Guild               658
  10. Peter Bennell          Central Toronto Wine Guild          632


Top Winemaking Clubs

  1. Niagara Vine to Wine Circle   3614
  2. Kawartha Krushers               2952
  3. London Wine Pros                2726
  4. K-W Winemakers Guild         2230
  5. Pickering Wine Guild            2042



Over 10,000 Points

Burton McClelland, Kawartha Krushers

Jim Lloyd, Kawartha Krushers

Ed Hughes, Member at Large


Best of Show – White Table Wine

Best Ontario White Table Wine

Barry Mitchell, Kawartha Krushers, 2018 Kerner


Best of Show – Red Table Wine

Patrick Levac, London Wine Pros, 2016 Red Blend


Best Ontario Red Table Wine

Ed Hughes, Member at Large, 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon


Best White Table Wine from Concentrate

Patti Polfuss, The Cambridge Club, 2017 Chardonnay, Costco


Best Red Table Wine from Concentrate

Cathy Beck, Uxbridge Vintners, 2016 Malbec, WineKitz Ultimate Estate Reserve – Argentina



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