Winetalk” is a web based mailing list that AWO members can use to consult and exchange technical tips, advice, questions and answers, news and other information on winemaking.   The list is a newsgroup that is focused on the interests of winemakers and is kept free of “junkmail.”


Communicating with members on the list is open only to members of the AWO.  

Participation is very easy.   A member sends a message to the “Winetalk” list  (via the website or email), which automatically distributes it to all the list members.   Replies or expansions on the topic are likewise circulated to all “Winetalk” list members — like an electronic roundtable.


There are several options of how you would like to use Winetalk…

  •       No email:              web-only participation
  •       Abridged Email:   one summary email of new activity per day
  •       Digest Email:        up to 25 full new messages in a single email
  •       All Email:              send each message as it arrives


Please send a message to Gary Collins at AWO ( to say that you are interested.  

Give your club affiliation and the email address you wish to use to participate in the “Winetalk” winemakers forum.