Membership Benefits

Join Amateur Winemakers of Ontario (AWO) and receive a number of great benefits, including:

  • Winetalk – an online winemakers’ forum
  • WineMaker Magazine  (6 issues per year at at reduced rate to AWO members)
  • Entry of eligible wines in the annual provincial wine competition  (Ontario residents only)
  • Annual June Festival and seminars  (to find out more, see Festival section)
  • Membership in the Amateur Winemakers of Canada  (winning wines at the provincial level can be eligible to compete in the annual national competition)
  • Participation in other AWO sponsored events

Share your love of winemaking with others by joining a local club.
Participate in regular meetings, wine tastings, social outings and local club wine competitions.

Regular club meetings often include tastings of members’ wines and benchmark commercial wines.
Information about winemaking and wine appreciation is usually provided by experienced club members or invited guests.
Social outings can include visits to commercial wineries and breweries.

One of the best benefits is the improved winemaking that comes from comparing ideas and techniques with others.
The AWO holds competitions to encourage better winemaking.
See the Competition section of this site for more information on the various classes of wines for competition and to view the current total of the points won by various members through competition.

In the AWO Clubs section, you will find a listing of AWO clubs across Ontario with contact information to help you find a club in your region.

If you are interested in joining the AWO, contact the club representative nearest you.
If there is no club nearby, consider becoming a Member-at-Large.
Better yet, start a club  (a local club consisting of at least six members is eligible to join the AWO).

If you would like further information about the AWO, you can contact any member of our executive.
They will be happy to answer your questions and help you find a club that suits your needs.

The AWO uses the services of The Wine Judges of Canada.
Accredited judges serve as guest speakers at club meetings as well as help the winemakers evaluate their wines.
The judges taste over 2,500 entries at club competitions during the year.
Their comments help the members select the club entries for the annual provincial competition.
Medals are awarded to the best of some 800 provincial entries at the annual June Festival.