AWO Website Freshly Pressed Updates

Important Dates

2023-01-03   Club Judging Service forms will be sent out
2023-01-31   Deadline for Club Judging Service forms to be sent in 
2023-03-04 to 2023-05-07   Club Judgings
2023-06-02 to 2023-06-04   AWO Ontario Competition
2023-06-24   2023 Conference – Sippers Symposium

Freshly Pressed Updates

2023-03-08   Added  2023 Club Entry Instructions

2023-02-24   Added  2023 AGM Call for Motions

2023-02-24   Updated  Wine Making Clubs  information

2023-01-04   Added   2023 Competition   including Club Judging Request form

2022-07-11   Updated   Board of Directors   for 2022-2023

2022-06-13   Added   2022 AWO Competition Results

2022-06-13   Added   AWO Club Survey Results  to AGM

2022-06-02   Updated   2022 AGM information

2022-05-12   Added   Bottle Drop-Off Points

2022-05-09   Added  Club Entry Registration form

2022-03-28   Added  Ontario Online Registration

2022-02-20   Updated   Class Descriptions & Tasting Sheets

2022-02-19   Updated  online Winemaking course on Winemaking page

2022-02-19   Added  2022 Club Judging Invoice

2022-02-09   Added  2022 Covid-19 club judging protocol

2022-02-08   Added information about  2022 AGM

2021-11-29   Added  2022 Competition information

2021-11-15   Updated membership fee on Join Us page.

2021-09-20   Added the  2021 Competition Results

2021-09-17   Added information about  2021 AGM

2021-08-17   Added 2 items to Basic Winemaking – Online course & Sparkling wine using sodastream

2021-06-16   Updated  2021 Competition information

2020-03-19   COVID19 Competition/Festival Cancellation – COVID19 AGM update

2020-03-02   added  2020 Competition Registration Link

2020-02-14   added  2020 Competition information

2019-11-28   new  2020 Class descriptions   READ THIS – IMPORTANT CHANGES to CLASSES!

2019-09-23   added  2019 Canadian Competition Results

2019-06-08   added  2019 Competition Results

2019-05-03   added  2019 AGM motions

2019-04-06   added  2019 AGM & Awards  details

2019-04-02   added  drop-off points   and  added new resource  Health Benefits of Wine

2019-03-03   updated judges 2019 Cider Tasting sheet

2019-02-12   added  2019 AGM & Awards  tab

2019-02-12   added   2019 Registration link & Cider judging sheets

2019-01-29   added  2019 Competition information

2018-06-26   added link to Resources page about phylloxera  under History of Wine

2018-06-26   posted 2018 AWONews Spring 2018

2018-06-26   updated 2018 Winemaker Standings & Historical Standings

2018-06-03   posted  2018 Competition Results

2018-05-06   added  2018 AGM, Lunch & Awards  Registration information

2018-04-18   added  2018 AGM, Lunch & Awards  information

2018-03-03   updated  2018 Competition information

2018-02-22   added  2018 Competition information

2018-02-16   updated  Membership Clubs

2018-02-15   added  AWO News#61

2017-09-16   posted  2017 AWC Competition Results

2017-07-24   updated  Board of Directors for 2017-2018

2017-06-08   added printable  Competition Certificates

2017-06-04   posted  2017 Competition Results

2017-05-11   updated  menu & timetable for 2017 AGM & Awards

2017-05-08   download your AGM voting proxy here

2017-04-11   updated  Registration form  for 2017 AGM & Awards

2017-04-05   added AWONews Volume 60

2017-03-30   added Competition Drop Off Points & Bottle Tags

2017-03-29   updated links on Resource page

2017-03-23   added registration form & directions for 2017 AGM & Awards , also added tasting sheets to Competition tab

2017-03-09   added info about 2017 AGM & Awards

2017-03-09   updated club representatives & Join Us mail address

2017-02-12   2017 Competition information & forms

2016-10-31   2016 AWC Competition Results   &  moved website to cloud web host – HostHero

2016-08-05   updated Constitution & Bylaws, Board of Directors, Membership Fee, Competition Results

2016-06-04   2016 AWO Competition Results

2016-03-30   2016 AGM  – Meeting and Medals

2016-03-30   2016 AWO Competition Drop Off Points

2016-03-30   new Resource Links  (Wine Calculators, Experience of wine drinking including food pairing  &  History of wine)

2016-01-29   2016 Competition Files

2016-01-29   Organizing Wines into Flights   (added to ‘Membership Tips’ & ‘2016 Competition’)

2016-01-20   added link to Google Groups Winetalk site on ‘Winetalk‘ page

2016-01-07   List of Clubs & Representatives

2015-12-17   Updated Club Competition Procedure

2015-06-27   2015-2016 AWO Directors

2015-06-27   2015 Festival pictures

2015-06-11   ‘Kevin Panagapka Sparkling presentation‘ under Winemaking/Advanced

2015-06-11   ‘Dr Tom Schulz Stinky Wine presentation‘ under Winemaking/Advanced

2015-06-07   2015 AWO competition results

2015-04-06   Changed the bottle tags doc so that it is easier to remove labels you don’t want to print out

2015-02-05   Link to KW website from ‘Other Links’ & Clubs/KW –

2014-12-09   AWOnews issue 59 – Fall / Winter 2014

2014-09-28   New pick under ‘Links & Resources’ called ‘Supplies & Equipment

2014-09-11   Added ‘Tips‘ under ‘Membership’

2014-09-11   Added 25 Winemaking articles under Winemaking tab

2014-02-13   ‘Better-TopUp’   link in Winemaking/Basic

2014-01-18   Updated Winetalk info


Welcome to our website !

Winemaking is a fun, rewarding & sociable hobby whether you’re making wine from grapes or starting out with a kit at home or at a U-Vint or Brew on Premise facility.  At the end of the day, our goal is to enjoy a glass of good wine with like-minded friends.  Can it get any better?

Amateur Winemakers of Ontario is an association of winemaking clubs located in Ontario, Canada.  For people who are not a member of a club we invite them to join as Members At Large so we can provide them with the benefits of membership and the ability to compete in our annual competition.

Our Annual competition is the largest amateur wine competition in Canada.  It’s a great way to obtain an independent evaluation, by trained judges, of your wine which helps to improve your winemaking skills.


Check out the ‘About Us’ tab for our history, list of directors, and our constitution & bylaws.



Under the ‘Membership tab, you will discover all of the benefits that come with belonging to our organization.   

This includes a list of our current clubs, how to create a club of your own and how to access Winetalk, our online forum  (you need to be a member to access Winetalk).   Winetalk allows you to post technical questions and various members, with their years of winemaking experience, will correspond with their insights on the issue.   

You can also view our newsletters & picture gallery.



The ‘Competition’ tab has all of the information you need to compete at the next competition with your homemade wines (class descriptions, competition procedure, entry form, bottle tags) and to find results forpreviousyears.   

Many members compete to receive an independent evaluation of their wines and for bragging rights.



The ‘Festival’ tab will have the current information for this year’s convention.    

Every year we hold a Festival/Convention where we get a chance to meet & network with new members and see old friends from the many different clubs.  

The Festival is hosted by a different group of clubs each year (usually based on geographic location).  

At the Festival, there are various seminars & tastings and there are suppliers selling their wares.   

This once a year event is a great venue for learning what’s new in the world of winemaking.

We also find out the results of the Ontario competition and enjoy each other’s wines & food at the club showcase.  



Under the ‘Winemaking tab, we have articles written by our members and others in the winemaking community.



Find out where to buy grapes, juice & winemaking supplies on the ’Links & Resources’ tab.
We also have links to all kinds of other wine related websites.



Use the ‘Search‘ feature at the top of the screen to find information.



You can contact us with questions using the ’Contact Us button.

To join, use the ‘Join Us button and fill in the information required.



Cheers !